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12ga Legacy Sports Intl|Escort (Escort AimGuard)
MSRP $419 Model: Escort AimGuard Type: Shotgun: Semi-Auto Caliber: 12 Gauge Finish: Matte Black Action: Semi-Automatic Stock: Black Synthetic Sight: Fiber Optic Front Sight Barrel Length: 18 Overall Length: 38 Capacity: 5+1 Safety: Cross-Bolt Safety Receiver: Black w/ 3/8 Dovetail Rib for Accessory Sights Chamber: 3 Chokes: Fixed Cylinder Bore Butt Plate: Vented Black Rubber Recoil Pad Features: Sling Swivel Studs
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AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver, Special Edition: Freedom

A limited run of Freedom lowers have been made available for the 4th of July!

Our Special Edition: Freedom AR15 Stripped Lower Receiver features a custom engraved American Flag graphic on the magwell of our popular AR15 Gen 2 Lower Receiver. Markings Include Model "FREEDOM" and "4JULY-XXXX" serial number range. Like all of our receivers, this product is machined to mil-spec dimensions and works with standard AR15 components.


  • Stripped AR15 Special Edition: Freedom Lower Receiver

Why are the stars on the right?
This is a commonly asked question with a simple answer - Always Forward, Never Retreat. Per Army Regulations 670-1, the U.S. flag patch is to be worn, right or left shoulder, so that "the star field faces forward, or to the flag’s own right. When worn in this manner, the flag is facing to the observer’s right, and gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward."

FFL Terms and Conditions

- Any items placed on the same order as a controlled item will also be shipped to the FFL. If you would like additional items shipped to you directly, please place them on a separate order.

- Please email your information ( or the receiving party's (the person that will be picking it up) information under "Recipient Name" while checking out. There will be a seperate field for FFL name, phone and zip code and we will obtain the shipping address directly from them. 

- To expedite your order, please email your FFL paperwork to us at If the dealer you are using to transfer a firearm has not sent us a currently updated FFL to put on file, there will be an extended period of time needed to process your order.

Product Sku: APAR148007
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DVC 3GUN – NEW 2018 (DVC 3 GUN)
The DVC 3-GUN is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s 3-gun enthusiast while keeping true to the DVC heritage of Accuracy, Power and Speed “Diligenta, Vis, Celeritas.” Shoot flatter. Shoot longer between reloads. Consider the performance critical handgun portion of your 3-gun arsenal duly covered. NEW Oversized Mag Release PERFORMANCE FEATURES BBL- 5.40 inch Bushing Barrel, TiN Finish- Diamond Like Carbon, Black Color Magazines- 2 ea / 140mm, Black Color Trigger- 2.5lbs w/Ambi Safety Lever Sights- STI Adjustable Rear and Fiber Optic Front; Accessory Rail for Light/Laser Sight Grips- DVC 2011®, black color Other- Dawson Precision Tool_less Guide Rod, Tactical Maxwell, Picatinny Under-Rail
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Gibbz Arms G4 AR-15 Receiver Set (G4)

G4 Receiver Set


GIBBZ Arms Side Charging Upper Receiver

GIBBZ Arms Lower Receiver

GIBBZ ARMS Upper Receiver 

– GIBBZ Arms Patent Pending Left Side Charging Handle
– Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation
– Uses all Mil-Spec and most Custom Bolt Carriers without modification
– Beveled Ejection Port
– Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail
– Rear Bolt carrier door to allow for easy bolt carrier removal and still keeping gasses in during operation (important for suppressed fire)
– Included is our Enhanced Cam Pin which is optimized for our side charging upper with Melonite coating.
– Charging handle cover for keeping operating gasses in (also important for suppressed fire)


GIBBZ ARMS Lower Receiver 

– Large Mag Well Bevel
– Integral Trigger Guard with relief for fingers
– Optimized for Ambidextrous Mag Button
 Type 3 hard coat anodizing

Upper Receiver Matching Set
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Quarter Circle 10 Glock Small Frame Lower Receiver (Quarter Circle 10)

These lowers are manufactured by us at the facility in Tucson, Arizona. They are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum in house on our machines. They will accept all Glock 9mm, 357 Sig and .40 S&W magazines. These lowers were designed for the purpose of engaging targets beyond pistol ranges. This is the perfect platform for any tactical application or just a fun day at the range.

With just a change of your bolt and barrel you can go switch between 3 different calibers all with the same lower and upper. Having one of our Pistol Caliber Carbines and a handgun that shoots the same round enables shooters to carry one type of ammunition, and feed both guns from one magazine. Running short on one type of ammo doesn’t happen; both guns stay in the fight until the last round is gone. The concept is not unique to modern times. Lawmen in the Old West sometimes carried revolvers that chambered the same rounds as their trusty lever-action rifles. Maintaining only one kind of cartridge made sense to a lot of men on the trail back then, just as it still does for many officers and civilians on the street today.

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STI - DVC Carry (DVC 3 Gun)
With weight and function paramount, the DVC Carry is designed with the concealed carry user and potential shooter in mind. All of the essential DVC model features have been modified and incorporated into a tight package. The specially stippled DVC signature grip has been shortened for ease of concealment while still holding a higher capacity. Low profile sights are plenty functional and allow for single hand hammer access. If you are wanting a fully featured concealed carry gun, this one should definitely lead your short list. PERFORMANCE FEATURES BBL- 3.90 inch Bull Barrel, TiAIN Coating FINISH- Diamond Like Carbon, Black Color MAGAZINES- 2 ea / 120mm, Black Color TRIGGER- 3.5 lbs w/Ambi Safety Lever SIGHTS- Low-Profile Tritium Front, Fixed Ledge Rear GRIP- 2011 DVC Stippled, VIP Length, Black Color OTHER- Recoil Master
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STI DVC Classic 1911 5.4 9X19 - 9RD (DVC Classic)

DVC Classic

Legal for USPSA Single Stack Division, the DVC Classic, like the rest of the DVC Series—is built to win. Sharing many of the same performance features as the 2011 DVC models like custom quality fit and finish, butter smooth slide action, and out of the box race ready—this gun is perfect for the single-stack competitor.


  • 5.40 inch Bushing Barrel, Titanium Nitride Finish
  • Finish- Hard Chrome
  • Magazines- 2 ea
  • Trigger- 2.5LBS w/Ambi Safety Lever
  • Sights- STI Adjustable Rear and Fiber Optic Front
  • Grips- VZ Operator II, black color
  • Other- Dawson Precision D&T Mag Release, ICE Magwell, Front Sight, and Tool-Less Guiderod
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STI DVC Omni – NEW 2018 - 9mm/.45ACP (DVC Omni)

The Latin meaning for Omni is “all” and the DVC Omni is no exception. The DVC Omni encompasses our 2011® technology as well as added features most appealing to all shooters.  Its Island Comp Barrel creates the fastest shooting, lowest recoiling, flattest pistol we have ever made. A H.O.S.T. Optic Cut allows for endless slide mounted optics choices and comes with all plates needed to run the optic of your choice. Not only is the slide Shorter, 4.15”, but it has our signature DVC lightening cuts- less mass in motion means less recoil to your hands.


  • BBL- 4.15″ Island Compensated
  • FINISH- Diamond Like Carbon, Black Color
  • MAGAZINES- 1 ea / 126mm and 140mm, Black Color
  • TRIGGER- DVC Tuned 3.0 lbs w/Ambi Safety Lever
  • SIGHTS- Fixed Ledge Style Rear, 2 Dot Tritium and Tritium Front Sight
  • GRIPS- 2011® DVC Stippled, Black Color
  • OTHER- H.O.S.T. Optic Cut, Full-Length Tactical Rail, Dawson Precision Tool-Less Guide Rod, Tactical Slim Magwell
Ship time 6-7 Wks
9MM/.45 ACP
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STI DVC Steel – NEW 2018 (DVC Steel)

The DVC Steel delivers the same superior performance as the DVC Open, without the requirement of major power factor ammunition. The DVC Steel will run on off-the-shelf ammo. It’s built slightly shorter to enhance quicker target transitions, and make you a better, faster shooter. The Hard Chrome finish and TiN coated BBL will provide long lasting corrosion resistance and enhanced lubricity. Steel matches will never be the same.

NEW Slide Racker Design– Positioned at a higher angle to clear even the highest of thumbs, which makes it easier to change sides and also run one on both sides of the slide. The slide racker is stronger and requires no fitting. Compensator Design– More efficient and even stronger; still machined from a single piece.


  • BBL- 4.15 inch TX1 Compensated Barrel, Titanium Nitride Finish
  • FINISH- Hard Chrome
  • MAGAZINES- 1 ea/ 140mm and 170mm
  • TRIGGER- 2.5 los w/Ambi Safety Lever
  • SIGHTS- Mounted C-More RTS2 8MOA Optic
  • GRIP- 2011® DVC Stippled, Black Color
  • OTHER- Dawson Precision Lo-Pro Mag Release Button, Special STI Specific Dawson Precision Magazine Magwell
DVC Steel 9mm
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The HAWK 5.0 joins the unparalleled excellence of the STI 2011® family. Our unique 2011® design, complete with a modular frame assembly and glass-filled polymer injection molded grip, are no exception to our latest release. The HAWK 5.0 features a full length dust cover, fiber optic front sight and matte blued finish all around. The wide and deep cut Nitro Serrations improve grip for a seamless slide rack every time.


  • BBL- 5.0 inch Bushing
  • FINISH- Matte Blued
  • MAGAZINES- 2 ea / 126mm
  • TRIGGER- 4.5 lbs w/Single-Sided Safety Lever
  • SIGHTS- Fixed Ledge Rear, Fiber Optic Front
  • GRIP- 2011 Grip
  • OTHER- One Piece Guide Rod, Full Length Dust Cover
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