Hex Tac 3.0 Used

STI 2011
Used: Store Demo, less than 500 Rounds some holster ware.

Caliber Options: 9mm Same great looks and function of the popular STI Hex Tactical 4.0 and 5.0, only now with a shorter, lighter, more compact package.

The 2011 DS model with its 2011 VIP grip and 3.70” BBL, stacks up well against the smallest guns—but its 15+1 round count make it standout. The unique Hex serrations go way beyond looks, as they have proven to be the most functional design on the market today. 360-degree grip surfaces allow for effectively racking the slide at any angle.

The Hi-Power style front-cut makes for easy reholstering and cocking from the front-strap. A ledge rear sight and fiber optic front sight provide quick target aquisition.

  • Availability: 1
  • Model: Hex Tac 3.0
  • Manufacturer: STI